A snapshot of Regina today

Regina is an urban oasis in the vast prairie farmland of southern Saskatchewan. We are a cultural and commercial center, celebrated for the fact that our nearly 120 square kilometres are shaded by more than 350,000 hand-planted trees. Regina also has a large man-made lake in the centre of town and one of the biggest urban parks in North America.

The city has a population of more than 200,000 that is steadily growing, thanks in large part to international immigration.

Our economy is diverse. A major sector is service to the agricultural and natural resources industries (especially potash, petroleum and natural gas). We also have many Province of Saskatchewan government agencies and a varied private sector involved in steel and manufacturing, telecommunications and retailing, finance and insurance.

The city is also a centre for health care and hospital services, and home to a major Canadian university, a large technical training institute, and the training academy for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Regina is also the major arts, culture and entertainment centre for southern Saskatchewan.

Regina is an expanding transportation and warehousing centre. We are at the junction of national and international highways and rail lines, and have a growing international airport.

This is a welcoming place to call home. Regina is an excellent location to raise a family. It has more than 100 parks and an abundance of sport and recreation facilities, arts and cultural centres, museums and performance spaces, and hosts major attractions and events all year round. Libraries and bicycle pathways add to an exceptional quality of life.

Our citizens are friendly and generous, and have a wide variety of ethnic origins. They are recognized as active volunteers and supporters of community events and causes.

Regina is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Regina is a four-season city that generally experiences warm springs and summers, pleasant falls, and cold, dry winters.  Average temperatures range from 23 degrees Celsius in summer (73 degrees Fahrenheit) to -11 degrees C (12 degrees F) in winter. Average annual precipitation is 398 mm (15.3 inches) and is heaviest from June through August, with June being the wettest month with an average of 75 millimetres (2.95 inches) of precipitation. Snow fall in winter averages 116 cm (45 inches).