After you have arrived

Here are some important steps to take soon after you arrive:

  • Obtain these 4 key documents:
  1. A Saskatchewan Health Card from the Province of Saskatchewan is essential. You and each family member require a health card to receive health care services and to be covered for the costs of many medical services. There is no cost to get a card. Information for immigrants about the card and what it covers can be found at:
    Phone: 1-800-667-7551Apply online at:Saskatchewan Health
    Phone: 1-800-667-7551
  1. A driver’s licence is required to operate a motor vehicle, and is often used for personal identification.  Information for immigrants can be found at: To purchase a driver’s license, contact any Motor Licence Issuer. You will find them listed in the telephone directory. You can also contact Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the Province of Saskatchewan body responsible for administering driver licensing:
    Phone: 306-775-6900 (1-800-667-9868)
    Address: 2260 – 11th Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0J9
  1. A social insurance card and number from the Government of Canada is required to get a job, and to have access to government programs and benefits. This is provided by Service Canada
    Phone toll-free: 1-800-206-7218
    Address: 1783 Hamilton Street, Regina, SK  S4P 2V7
  1. A Permanent Resident Card is your proof that you hold status as a permanent resident. It may be needed by government agencies to prove you are authorized to live and work in the country, or to show that you are eligible for government benefits. Contact the Government of Canada at:
    Phone 1-888-242-2100

Consider these important tasks that will help you get settled.

They are shown below with links to where you can find this information elsewhere on this website. Suggested tasks include:

  • Record important phone numbers such as:
  • 911 for all emergencies;
  • 306-777-6500 for the police service for non-emergencies;
  • 306-777-7700 for the Service Regina number for City of Regina service;
  • 305-352-5775 for the Newcomer Welcome Centre.;
  • and phone  numbers for any other organizations you may need.

It is also useful to find a computer:

  • Purchase a new computer from stores, which you can find listed in the telephone directory or on the Internet. There are also retailers for used equipment, and used computers can also be found in classified advertising in the Leader-Post, or on the Internet at, or other websites.
  • There are places where you will find free computer access, such as Regina Public Library at .
  • Organizations that assist immigrants may also help you find computer services,