What is the weather?

Regina weather can vary widely from season to season. At the very extreme, it may be as hot as 40° Celsius in summer, and as cold as -40° Celsius in winter, but those temperatures are rare. The average is 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer and -11 degrees C (12 degrees F) in winter. Regina people adapt to the weather and everyday life goes on without interruption through seasonal changes. Homes and buildings are heated in winter (usually with natural gas), and many homes and businesses are air-conditioned for the warm summer months.

In summer, you will want to have cool, breathable clothing. If you are outside you will want to use sunscreen.

In winter, you must have warm clothing for the entire family, including winter boots and heavy coats, and hats and mittens or gloves. These are essential to protect yourself from frostbite and freezing.

Regina’s climate is relatively dry, but still receives a healthy amount of rain in summer and snow in winter. The City of Regina removes snow from streets and alleys, but it is expected that Regina citizens remove snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes, and from their own walkways and driveways.

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