Public transportation  – The City of Regina provides safe, reliable, affordable and accessible public bus services to get around Regina. Call or check the Internet for fares, schedules and routes.

Regina Transit
Phone: 306-777-RIDE (7433)
Address: 2124 – 11th Avenue, Regina, SK  S4P 0J5

Facebook: Regina Transit

Twitter: @YQRTransit

Check out or download the CityApp to get real-time schedule information or text your bus stop number to 306-596-6136 to receive a text when the next bus will arrive at your stop.

Regina Transit also provides Google Maps Trip Planner as a user-friendly transit planner that provides an intuitive way to plan your trip by bus. To plan your trip with Google Transit click here .

Regina Paratransit provides transportation to persons with disabilities who are unable to use the public fixed-route bus services. Check on the Internet for fares, schedules and routes.

General inquiries: 306-777-7726

Taxicabs are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory or on the Internet.

Driving a vehicle – You need to have a valid  driver’s licence to operate a motor vehicle in Saskatchewan. New residents of Saskatchewan are required to get a Saskatchewan Driver’s Licence.

If you have a driver’s licence from another country, you may be able to apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s licence without taking a test. To learn more about getting the licence, contact SGI.
. The website has information on the documents you will need as part of your application.

Registering your vehicle – You need to register your vehicle if you own a vehicle. Registration provides a licence plate and a basic level of insurance. To learn more about registration and insurance, contact the SGI website at:

Purchasing or renting a vehicle – If you wish to purchase or rent a vehicle, rental agencies and car dealers are listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory. You can also check ads in newspapers and on the Internet. Two common Internet sites are and .

Multi-use pathways – Regina has many multi-use pathways and bicycle routes that criss-cross the city. Cyclists, walkers, runners, skateboarders, roller skaters and skiers all use the pathways. For information contact:

Traveling outside of Regina – Regina is connected to other cities by road and air.

Air travel to and from Regina takes place at the Regina International Airport. Several regional and international airlines, as well as charter services, provide service to Regina and can be found on the Internet or in the telephone directory.

Bus travelGreyhound Canada operates from the bus terminal in downtown Regina, providing daily service for travel across Canada.

For schedules and fares for Greyhound Canada:

Phone: 1-800-661-8747
Bus Terminal: 1717 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, SK S4P 2E2